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AVLT maintains the integrity of the inactive railroad corridor in accordance with the National Trail Act & the PA Rails to Trails Act. AVLT purchased & railbanked the corridors on which the Armstrong Trail and Redbank Valley Trail exist. Both trails provide a scenic environment for the public to enjoy hiking, bicycling & exercising. The trails are for non-motorized use only.


The 36 mile long Armstrong Trail is located on the former Allegheny Valley Railroad line along the eastern bank of the Allegheny River in Armstrong and Clarion Counties in western Pennsylvania. The trail links such towns as Ford City, Kittanning and East Brady and is a great place to bicycle, walk, jog, bird watch, cross country ski, geocache, or exercise in a safe relaxing environment. 30 miles of the trail, from Rosston to East Brady, is improved trail with several short share the road sections. Our trail is rich with local history, from Native Americans to river travel to iron production to the railroads. Remnants of villages, iron furnaces, coke ovens, train stations, etc. can be found along the trail. A train turntable, tunnel, and coaling tower still stand. The trail is for non-motorized use only. Visit armstrongrailstotrails.org for more information


The Redbank Valley Trail is a 51-mile non-motorized, 4-season trail currently being developed and improved. 42 miles parallel the scenic Redbank Creek through mostly natural areas. The trail travels from the confluence with the Allegheny River (MP 0) through New Bethlehem in Clarion County at the mid-point, touching on Armstrong County, through Hawthorn (near the Redbank Valley Municipal Park), Summerville and continuing currently to just beyond the Rose Siding Bridge, near Maple Street, (MP 42) in Brookville, Jefferson County. There is also a nine-mile spur from Lawsonham to Sligo also in Clarion County. - See more at redbankvalleytrails.org

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Armstrong Valley Land Trust Mission

Allegheny Valley Land Trust will protect and convert railroad corridors into trails for public use, thereby providing opportunities for commuters and outdoor recreational activities. Our projects will maintain the integrity of these corridors for future transportation use while acting as an economic stimulus for the area communities.